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Sustainability – Berlin Aviation Summit 2020

At the BDLI and DLR, sustainability is part of our overall approach and forms an integral part of our guidelines. We have committed ourselves to accepting a particularly high degree of social responsibility whilst carrying out our business activities. Our principles therefore focus on respecting human rights, upholding health and safety standards, protecting the environment and preventing corruption. Credibility, authenticity and transparency are also important to us in personal contact with our shareholders and stakeholders at congresses or conventions.

The Berlin Aviation Summit (BAS) is designed as a platform for high-ranking key players in politics and science, industry, finance and global air traffic to debate important developments and possibilities for the future of aviation. By taking steps to make BAS 2020 sustainable, we accept our responsibility. As organisers of the BAS, we do our utmost to reduce its impact on the environment and climate when planning our event. However, a conference of this size always affects the environment due to the number of people participating, e.g. through increased travel, providing a certain amount of food, producing more waste, et cetera. It was important for us to choose an environmentally friendly location close to a train station, and we encourage the participants at BAS 2020 to use public transportation to reduce emissions from cars.

Venue – AXICA Berlin

Berlin is the city of green trends and on its way to becoming a city ideal for holding sustainable meetings.  Since 2019 it has been growing even greener with the Sustainable Meetings Berlin initiative. Launched by the visitBerlin Convention Office in cooperation with conference hotels, locations, service providers and a sustainability consulting agency, it provides the city’s first platform for sustainable event planning. The intention is to promote sustainability in the MICE sector and enable event planners to organise sustainable events.

Having chosen the venue AXICA Berlin, we feel confident that BAS 2020 will live up to our sustainability standards. For 20 years now, AXICA has provided an excellent event location with premium catering services right at the Brandenburg Gate. In the course of their 20th anniversary, the 39-person team has been working intensively on the question of which way AXICA would like to go during the next 20 years. The unanimous consent: it must be a sustainable way in order to keep their premium standards. An important first step has already been taken: AXICA has been audited by visitBerlin as a Sustainable Meeting Partner.

The basis for the audit is a comprehensive list of criteria that covers all areas of sustainability. As a Sustainable Meeting Partner, AXICA therefore had to demonstrate its sustainability performance in the following five areas: Governance, Risk & Compliance, Economy, Environment and Society. AXICA is one of only 17 companies audited in Berlin and listed as a "high performer" on the website.

Read more about AXICA as a "Sustainable Meeting Partner":

Sustainable organisation of an event

When organising the Berlin Aviation Summit, we first try to reduce the ecological footprint of the event itself. We also take it a step further and try to reduce the impact of the participants. Our sustainable organisation is all about making the right choices and clearly communicating sustainable options to the attendees.

Green meetings are based on a sustainability framework which balances environmental, economic and social impacts in the context of an association’s business needs. BAS 2020 is working towards having a limited impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and resources. This includes, amongst other things, circulating meeting materials electronically, online file sharing, not producing unnecessary conference material and products – or choosing environmentally and socially friendly products – providing healthy food and hosting BAS 2020 in a central location.

We hope and think that BAS 2020 will inspire a sustainable focus for organising this event in the future as well.

Some of the things we do:

  • The venue AXICA is located in Berlin Mitte, city centre.
  • On the website of BAS 2020, we provide a link to hotels near AXICA on Pariser Platz. Accommodation blocks were set up in sustainable hotels (hotels that have effective and comprehensive environmentally friendly policies and operations).
  • Food is another way to make an event greener: at the venue we will offer seasonal and regional catering products, fair trade products and also vegan and vegetarian alternatives.
  • At AXICA, the entire energy supply has been switched to green electricity; waste prevention and waste separation have been optimised. Through the generous glass surfaces, the event and office areas can be supplied with up to 90% natural light.
  • At AXICA an osmosis system enables more effective dish cleaning, with far fewer cleaning agents.
  • The technology partner maintains its own equipment warehouse in AXICA and uses only reusable set-construction systems.
  • The venue provides waste separation bins in the conference area, and the waste from other bins will be sorted later at the waste station.
  • Printed materials are kept to a minimum.
  • Conference delegate badges are made of BioPVC, a climate-neutral card product (other substances are added during the manufacturing process that make the material 100% biodegradable).
  • We encourage travel by public transport and clearly communicate and describe the accessibility.
  • At an international event, participants usually arrive by airplane. The total number of those flights leads to gigantic amounts of CO2 emissions. This is why providing CO2 compensation can make a substantial difference. As part of our participant management, we inform the participants via our website about the offers for climate-friendly optimisation of their arrival and departure.
  • We will offset all carbon emissions BAS 2020 produces.

What you as a participant can do:

  • We would be pleased if you would support us in the sustainable implementation of BAS 2020 and will ask you for (optional) information on how you got to the event (flight, train, car) at registration.
  • We suggest buying a plane ticket with free CO2 compensation. All calculators allow passengers to estimate the emissions attributed to their air travel. They are simple to use and require only a limited amount of information from the user.

BAS2020 Compensation Partner

Compensaid offers you two options for offsetting their carbon emissions: through the use of CO2-neutral, synthetic jet fuel and through reforestation projects. With the purchase of innovative sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the emissions can be captured immediately, as SAF causes up to 80% less CO2 than conventional jet fuel. Reforestation projects, in contrast, capture the CO2 resulting from flights over a longer period. Visit the following link to make your flight carbon neutral.

Compensaid - fly CO<sub>2</sub>-neutral

More CO2 calculator flights:





Eco Passenger

  • There are excellent bus shuttles and metro services from Berlin Tegel Airport to AXICA. The nearest metro stop to AXICA is Brandenburger Tor.
  • In Berlin you can walk! The venue is located in the city centre, most of the hotels are located within walking distance from each other – walk and explore the city, or use public transport or city bikes instead of taking taxis.

Avoiding, reducing and compensating for CO2 production

Calculating CO2 balances (carbon footprints) is a central element of climate protection. Avoid – reduce – compensate. CO2 emissions, which are unavoidable during BAS 2020, will be calculated by atmosfair.

The compensation is provided via the CDM gold standard. You will find the results here on the BAS website after the conference.

atmosfair atmosfair

atmosfair is a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to carbon mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in over 15 countries worldwide.

We rely exclusively on voluntary climate payments from private individuals, institutions and businesses. Aiming to decarbonise the world economy, atmosfair has designed software tools and consulting services to assist businesses and institutions in executing their climate policies, with a particular focus on business travel.

atmosfair’s work ethic is based on the following principle: only compensate what can’t be avoided or reduced. This approach constitutes the foundation of all our partnerships, ensuring not only climate integrity but also cost efficiency.

For further information about sustainability at BAS 2020, please contact
Petra Naoum, DLR, Sustainability Consultant in the Meetings Industry.